Geological Heraldry

Oksana and I went to the Burns Night party last night (27th Jan) because it's our wedding anniversary, and Burns Night itself is a good enough excuse.

A nice night out. Oksana hadn't met "Scottish Country Dancing" before, which was fun. It is, of course, obligatory that 2/3 of any dance floor have absolutely no idea what they're doing, no sense of rhythm, and don't care either.

Meanwhile I sketched up some geological heraldry on the traditional napkin while thinking about what to get engraved onto my kilt's belt buckle.

Unfortunately, the photo of the napkin isn't up to much, and I've no illusions about my drawing skills. The armorial description I came up with was :
Crossed hammer and chisel (alternative: crowbar), quartered with compass, hand-lens, sample scoop and specimen bag. Motto in scroll surmounted is In Lithos Veritas.
No, I can't remember many of the rules for describing heraldry. Well, it was 30-something years ago that I had to learn it in History class. One of the more interesting things I learned from that teacher, whose name I've forgotten.
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