Batch #01 from Tanzania

I've arrived on the sunny island of Nyuni, but am stuck behind various firewalls, so have to post indirectly to get my pictures to the outside world.
To quote my earlier email :
"Bloody Internet here is as wobbly as whatever. And lots of stuff is blocked too.
Attached is a batch of photos ... Needless to say, these are drastically-shrunken versions of the original photos, as the "-small" suffix in the file names might give away.
First image :
2011-07-21 11-28 Tanzania, flight over Rufiji delta, This is Kiechuru inlet, rivermouth bars forming with breakers DSCF1496-small

I've made a horrible mess of crossing the links and the photo names, but I'll know better in future posts. I'm sure one can figure out what it's meant to do, but it is now lunch time and my belly is growling.

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