Mars Rover Driver gets into SF story

Who : Scott Maxwell and the fairly small Brotherhood of Mars Rover Drivers

What : They've been name- (or job-) checked in a recent SF short story.

Where : Karl Schroeder, of Canada, in the story "Laika's Ghost" ; published in at least the "Engineering Infinity" anthology, but possibly elsewhere.

When : Published 2010, but some of the stories are copyrighted 2011 ; go figure. ISBN 978 1 907519 51 2

Why : Well, the anthology as a whole is pretty good (so far ; not finished reading it yet). But I started using this "Twitter" thing recently and I heard of the Mars rover driver who "twits". So I started "following" him (sounds like I became his stalker!) and then he (or his character) turns up in a book I'd ordered for completely other reasons.

If the world is small, then Mars must be even closer.
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