More Ice Island News

Petermann's Ice Island - location update.
For those that haven't been keeping an ear to the, err, water, this is a rather substantial lump of ice that fell off Greenland a year ago. It's slowly working it's way out towards the Atlantic Ocean, where it has the potential to become a significant hazard to shipping. And to the oil installations on the Grand Banks.
The link above gives more detail, including notes I've been making on it's progress over the last few months.
I've just made time to update my satellite surveying (details in Patrick's blog, above), and when last visible (Aug 05th), the berg was just off the northernmost tip of Newfoundland, near Belle Isle. Latitude 51.53N, Longitude 54.95W.

Before long, if not already, it should be visible from the coast of Newfoundland.
And if it does decide to wander off through the oil fields ... there will be "interesting times".
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