Where Am I?

People have been asking.
The link above should (should) centre on the rig location.
Oh, hang on, what does this do?

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Lots of code ; what does it do? Oh, cool. Saves me lots of screen-shotting etc. It's got the usual controls too.
Camp is here :

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Bar is here :

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It all adds up to a small island off the coast of Tanzania called Nyuni.

People who know me will know that I'm obviously here looking for enchyaline Blue Holes out on the reef, with the intention of discovering "Caverns Measureless to Man" containing Pleistocene alien craft. So far I've found a choked sinkhole that obviously takes water when it's raining, which averages every 2nd-3rd day. "Toto, we're not in Britain any more!"

See earlier posts for swimming photos. Fishy things which haven't tried to eat me (yet).

The aerial photography is obviously a couple of years old. The island has acquired a squatter camp of several hundred people since I was here last, a resident rat problem (goes with the rubbish in the squatter village), and the maintenance as a coconut plantation seems to have been abandoned, so scrubby undergrowth is slowly taking over from the palms. Which by comparison with SongoSongo Island to the south (with it's airstrip), seems to be the normal vegetation for the area.
Oh well, back to the grind of searching for CMTM!
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